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Church and State

Read the latest updates and learn more about the importance of the separation of church and state through a Reform Jewish perspective.

Church and State

Vouchers divert public, taxpayer money to private schools, including parochial schools. Tell Congress that we should continue to separate church and state, and that we should support public schools with public funds.

Separation and Establishment Issues

These key church-and-state issues deal with the establishment clause of the First Amendment. Learn more about these issues — and the policies that govern them — from a Reform Jewish perspective.

Free Exercise & Religious Liberty

Learn more about Reform Movement positions relating to the free exercise of religion in the United States, including the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Church-State

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Church-State

Sermons, Politics and the Constitution
Posted on Wednesday May 20, 2015

On Wednesday, the Washington Post wrote about the topics most clergy members discuss from the pulpit as a way to illustrate that the issues most associated with communities of faith — reproductive rights and LGBT rights/same-sex marriage, due much in part to  the Religious Right — is not what is actually happening on the ground. Using the […]

No Lost Irony
Posted on Friday May 15, 2015

On Thursday morning, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a “field” hearing on the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP), or the D.C. school vouchers program at Archbishop Carroll High School, where a large percentage of the students receive these vouchers. The Reform Movement has a long history of opposing voucher programs, not […]

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