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Read the latest updates and learn more about hunger issues through a Reform Jewish perspective.


Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Hunger

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Hunger

Purim as a Call to Action to End Economic Inequality
Posted on Tuesday February 24, 2015

I have always loved Purim. I remember eating hamentaschen in my religious school classes (deciding amongst the apricot, poppyseed, chocolate or strawberry flavors), playing bean bag toss at the Purim carnival, and waiving the groger enthusiastically as my rabbis, dressed up in costumes to accompany the theme of that year’s Purim spiel, recited the name […]

From #SOTU2015 to the Budget
Posted on Wednesday January 21, 2015

At the State of the Union on Tuesday night, President Obama announced his proposals for the upcoming year, discussing his agenda for the next year. Throughout his speech, President Obama stressed the importance of having a budget that can truly help Americans and expand opportunity. He reminded all those watching about the different programs and […]

Praying With Our Feet For Economic Justice
Posted on Tuesday January 13, 2015

When reflecting on his experience marching in Selma, Alabama with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel stated that he was “praying with my feet.” This act of transforming words and faith into action for justice and equality is a key underpinning of the Civil Rights Movement, as well as Jewish social justice […]

Looking Back to Move Forward: What We Can Learn from 2014 on Economic Justice
Posted on Thursday January 08, 2015

While we have seen some positive changes in the economy – such as November’s jobs growth pace of 321,000 jobs a month – the Economic Policy Institute estimates that it will take at least two years before the economy looks like how it did before the recession. A report from the US Conference of Mayors […]

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Food Justice

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Food Justice

Bo: Liberation
Posted on Wednesday January 21, 2015

By Sarah Newman This piece is crossposted from Neesh Noosh. This week, in Bo, the remaining three plagues—locusts, darkness and the death of first-born sons–-are inflicted upon the Egyptians. While Egypt was shrouded in darkness, “all Israelites enjoyed light in their dwellings” (Bo, 10: 23).  How, despite the plagues and the continuing hardening of Pharaoh’s heart, […]

Making Sure That Children Count
Posted on Tuesday November 11, 2014

Children represent an incredibly important part of the country, for they are one-quarter of the population. Beyond the numbers, children will be our next generation of workers and leaders. The share of federal funding directed towards children has declined and today amounts to under 8 percent of the overall budget. In 2013, over 14.7 million […]

Five Jewish Things You Can Do to Celebrate Food Day
Posted on Thursday October 23, 2014

Tomorrow, October 24, is Food Day, a nationwide celebration of the movement for sustainable, healthy, affordable food. Food Day envisions food that is healthy, affordable, produced with care for environmental sustainability, farm animals and the farmers and laborers who grow, harvest, and serve our food. Food Day’s themes also touch on public health, food education […]

This Year Let’s Put Food Justice at the Center of our Fall Harvest
Posted on Wednesday October 08, 2014

Sukkot is the Jewish holiday celebrating the harvest and commemorating the booths or huts the Israelites built while wandering in the desert. As a people with agricultural roots, Jews have found many ways to mark the seasonal and environmental changes that occur throughout the year. The Shalosh Regalim, the three pilgrimage holidays of our tradition […]