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Labor Issues

Read the latest updates and learn more about labor issues through a Reform Jewish perspective.


Raising the federal minimum wage to keep pace with the cost of living will help more working Americans break free from the cycle of poverty. 

The RAC's Double Booked series features perspectives from diverse faith and cultural voices on working families, and how we can advocate for policies that support them. 

Domestic Workers

Domestic workers are indispensable to the American economy. America's families - including members of Reform congregations - depend on services provided by cleaning personnel, nannies, yard workers, and elder care workers. Domestic workers are common in American society. To learn more about domestic work in America, visit the social action guide. 

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Labor Issues

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Labor Issues

A Healthy Passover for All Workers
Posted on Monday March 30, 2015

This week, we will celebrate the holiday of Passover, when we remember the process that led the Jewish people to become free in the land of Egypt. Part of this process will include discussing the Ten Plagues. At my family’s seder in Atlanta, we use goodie bags with various small toys that resemble each of […]

The Other March Madness
Posted on Friday March 27, 2015

Whether you observe Passover according to the strict rules of Jewish law, or you attend one family Seder, or whether your Passover observance is watching The Prince of Egypt, or whatever traditions, practices or customs you find meaningful, the weeks leading up to Passover (April 3-11, 2015) feel like a Jewish March Madness. Between planning […]

Ending Child Poverty: The Way Forward
Posted on Wednesday March 25, 2015

Child poverty is a national crisis that must be addressed. In the United States, there are 14.7 million poor children and 6.5 million extremely poor children. This means that the number of poor children (14.7 million) is greater than the combined populations of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West […]

Remembering Koufax, Raising Up Minority Identities Through Sports
Posted on Friday March 20, 2015

When I was young, one of my largest role models was Sandy Koufax, one of the best all-time pitchers in Major League Baseball. I identified with Koufax: like him, I was Jewish, I played baseball, and I was left-handed. Though I never played baseball quite as well as he did, I felt like I could […]

Labor On The Bimah

"Torah and Jewish tradition teach us that it is our obligation to pursue justice for those who are in need. Every year, in the weeks surrounding Labor Day, we read from Parshat Shoftim: " Tzedek, tzedek tirdof: Justice, justice shall you pursue."

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For more information on this issue, contact Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Melanie Fineman at (202) 387-2800.