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RAC Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

Read the latest updates and learn more about bioethics and stem cell issues through a Reform Jewish perspective.

Substance Abuse

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Substance Abuse

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Substance Abuse

Marking Mental Health Awareness Month
Posted on Thursday May 28, 2015

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness of mental illnesses and the importance of mental wellness for all.  In our own country, an estimated 18.6 percent or 43.7 million Americans live with mental illnesses, and 4.1% or 9.6 million U.S. adults have a serious mental illness. Whether or not we have personally experienced a mental illness, […]

Denominations Unite To Stop Smoking
Posted on Wednesday July 09, 2014

Join the webinars to learn more: 1 p.m. webinar 7 p.m. webinar The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is partnering with the faith community to promote Tips from Former Smokers. Tips is a national tobacco education campaign that encourages Americans to quit smoking, by “showing the toll that smoking-related illnesses take on smokers […]

Mental Health and Substance Abuse: A Dangerous Combination
Posted on Tuesday May 20, 2014

This blog is part of an on-going series about the intersection of mental health and other crucial Jewish social justice issues during Mental Health Awareness Month. For more posts, click here. In talking about mental health this month, we would be remiss not to discuss the complex and tragically strong relationship between mental health issues and […]

Substance Abuse: Keeping it in Check on Purim
Posted on Thursday March 13, 2014

As many well know, the Talmud tells us that “a person has to get drunk on Purim until he cannot distinguish between ‘cursed is Haman’ and ‘blessed is Mordechai’” (Megillah 7b). To do so is a mitzvah, but one that should be carried out in moderation. The consumption of alcohol—and the role of alcohol in shaping events—is […]

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