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RAC Global Poverty

Global Poverty

Read the latest updates and learn more about our work to end global poverty through a Reform Jewish perspective.

Global Poverty

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Global Poverty

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Global Poverty

Support a Strong Climate Agreement
Posted on Friday August 01, 2014

The UN Climate Summit, set to take place in New York City on September 23rd, is meant to catalyze action on climate change and mobilize political will for a strong global climate treaty at the Paris 2015 United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). While international negotiations have proven challenging in the past, we […]

Caring for the Most Needy: Children Crossing the Border, Alone
Posted on Friday June 13, 2014

It would be difficult to conceptualize a more abject situation than this: a child, escaping poverty or violence in Central America, travelling to a foreign country, alone. But in the past few month, the number of children doing just that has increased dramatically, with a record 47,017 children under the age of 18 apprehended on […]

National Call-In Day: Support Funding Global Education Today
Posted on Monday April 28, 2014

Fifty seven million primary-aged school children are currently out of school, and worldwide, 250 million children cannot read, write, or count.   The Global Partnership for Education is the only international partnership exclusively dedicated to ensuring all children have access to quality education.  The GPE was established in 2002, and is comprised of nearly 60 developing […]

Nothing But Nets… 5 Years Later
Posted on Tuesday April 22, 2014

By Stephanie Garry Every World Malaria Day, I reflect on my life-changing trip to Kenya.  Five years ago, I had no idea what to expect while traveling to Kenya to visit refugee camps in Dadaab to distribute the nets that are key in malaria prevention. I had been on safari to Kenya 14 years ago […]