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Sudan and Darfur

RAC blog RSS viewer blog Darfur

RAC blog RSS viewer blog Darfur

What do you get a new country?
Posted on Thursday July 21, 2011

Every time I go to a wedding, a celebration of a new beginning, I always struggle with what I should get the new couple. Do I give something sentimental, something Jewish, something practical, or just a good old fashioned toaster? Well, as it marks the creation of the brand new country of the Republic of […]

The Arab Spring and Sudan: Where Do We Stand?
Posted on Friday July 08, 2011

The opportunities afforded to me as an intern at Save Darfur Coalition/Genocide Intervention Network have provided a breadth of education unavailable in a traditional classroom setting. Recently, I had the chance to attend a Schieffer Series discussion held by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). The panelists – David Ignatius of The Washington […]

Sudan On The Verge Of War?
Posted on Thursday June 16, 2011

Laura Heaton is the writer/editor of the Enough Project Blog and is reporting from Abyei in Sudan. This post originally appeared on the Enough Project Blog and the security blog at Think Progress Achol’s face and neck were dotted with white burns from the sparks of a cluster bomb. Her daughter, one-year-old Nyibach, suffered from […]

Flare Up in Sudan!
Posted on Friday May 27, 2011

In Abyei, an area about the size of the Island of Hawaii, the delicate peace agreement between Northern and Southern Sudan, could fall to pieces. This border area between the North and the South, which was left to be figured out later in the negotiations, has become the focal point for whether or not peace […]

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