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February 2017


Scientists and climate experts recently announced that 2016 is the hottest year on record,

Lizzie Stein

This Shabbat, we will read Parashat Mishpatim, the sixth parshah in the book of Exodus.

Shelby Friedman

Rules and regulations often get a bad reputation. They are seen as no fun, restrictive and sometimes even arbitrary.

Lizzie Stein

Over the winter, nearly 2,000 Reform Jewish high school students came to Washington, D.C.

Religious Action Center

On February 10, the Trump administration

Max Antman

Texas is known for it’s cuisine, cowboy artifacts and Southern hospitality.

Maddie Newman

Last week’s Jewish Disability Advocacy Day helped kick off Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM).

Nathan Bennett

On Sunday, February 12, HIAS will host a massive Jewish Rally for Refugees in New York City.

Shelby Friedman

In this moment of transition, we will celebrate a different kind of new beginning: Tu BiSh’vat, the new year for trees.

Lizzie Stein