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women's issues

Marchers with banner for Women's March

In Jewish tradition, prayer begins when a minyan is assembled.

Barbara Weinstein
supreme court

It has been 44 years since the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v.

Maya Weinstein
hands forming heart over stomach

New laws around the country are restricting access to abortion and a woman’s autonomy to make decisions regarding her life and health.

Maya Weinstein

We have all heard the

Taylor Onderko
mosquito on skin

The Zika virus is not only an officially-

Maya Weinstein
Purple ribbon for domestic violence on white flag waving outside

It sometimes feels that we’re constantly in the aftermath of another instance of gun violence.

Maya Weinstein
Hand holding sign that says "My body my decision"

The Hyde Amendment is about to turn 40, but this is not a happy birthday.

Maya Weinstein

The beginning of the program year is always an exciting time at the RAC, as we begin a new cycle of tikkun olam work.

Sarah Greenberg