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Passover Haggadah

Passover is a unique time for friends and family to come together, share a meal discuss timeless themes of freedom and redemption and relate the Exodus from Egypt to the ongoing journey for justice that we are carrying out today. The seder emphasizes the importance of every participant learning from one another, passing wisdom between generations and experiences. The haggadah includes questions to help remind us that everyone is invited to participate and is encouraged to be curious. That why it is particularly important that Passover is approached with an inclusive attitude and an...

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Second Chance Month Logo

In the United States today, 2.3 million people are incarcerated and more than 20 times that number – 65 million Americans –  have a criminal record. What opportunities are available for those who have paid their debt to society to re-enter their communities? What obstacles exist as they seek to take their lives in a different direction?

These questions are important for us to consider this...

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One of my favorite parts of my family’s Passover seder (aside from the food) are all the questions that are asked throughout the night. I do not only mean those that are written in the haggadah – each year, friends and family ask their own questions about the story of how we obtained our freedom and what it means for us today. This makes each seder unique and challenges us to reinterpret this narrative in light of the challenges and opportunities facing our people and our society in this moment.

This year, Passover provides a compelling moment to discuss our shared pursuit of...

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Soon, we will gather with our families and friends for our annual Passover seder, where we will retell the story of our liberation from slavery. As we read about our ancestors’ enslavement in Egypt, and how they fled so hurriedly they didn’t have time for their bread to rise, we recognize how fortunate we are today. We will comfortably recline to celebrate our freedom, eat our fill, and declare dayeinu (it would have been enough). Each of God’s blessings on their own would have been enough, but we know today that we are blessed abundantly.

Yet we will not simply rejoice in our...

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scrabble pieces spelling pay gap

On April 4, we observe Equal Pay Day to bring awareness to the gap between men’s and women’s wages. The day is a symbolic way to show when, on average, a woman’s earnings would catch up to what a male counterpart earned in the previous year. Last year, full-time working women were paid 80 percent of what men were paid, and for women of color, the wage gap was even greater. Native American women ...

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