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Womens March Pro-Healthcare Sign

The potential rollback of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will be a primary focus with the new presidential administration now in place. On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order that gave federal agencies the ability and directive to  stop enforcing the law, thereby rolling back many of its key provisions. The scope and power of the...

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In the weeks immediately following the most recent election, a startling jump in anti-Semitic incidents swept across the country. New York State alone saw a 110% increase in hate crimes, mostly targeting Jews, in the month following the election. University students have awoken to find swastikas and...

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Marchers with banner for Women's March

In Jewish tradition, prayer begins when a minyan is assembled. This gathering of at least ten people creates an instant community and provides a sense of solidarity and strength that sustains in times of trial and in times of joy.

This past Shabbat, a super-minyan of more than 1000 Reform Jews came together in a Washington, DC hotel ballroom near the National Mall for Nosh, Pray, March: The Reform Movement Gathers for Women’s Rights. This instant community was united in its determination to protect women’s reproductive rights, pay...

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Jail Cells
Painting of Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay

January 11, 2017 marked 15 years since the opening of the detention center at the Guantanamo Bay Prison. The prison, opened by President George W. Bush, was constructed to hold suspected terrorists and enemy combatants captured by U.S. forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere as part of the “War on Terror.” In the 15 years since the prison’s opening, 775 detainees have passed through its walls, many without being told what they were accused of or when they would be released.

During his first week in office, President Obama signed an...

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