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No DAPL protesters

On Tuesday, the Army Corps of Engineers reversed their December decision to halt construction on the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. The proposed route for the pipeline runs under sacred land less than a mile from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s reservation. It also runs under the Missouri River, the tribe’s main source for drinking water.

The December 2016...

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Rabbi Jonah Pesner at JDAD

Last week’s Jewish Disability Advocacy Day helped kick off Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM). JDAD was an exciting opportunity to learn and advocate, and helped set the advocacy agenda for disability rights in the 115th Congress. JDAD provided the opportunity to hear from experts about some of the most issues that Congress will address in the next two years

A troubling, but important, piece of legislation regarding disability rights in the 115th Congress is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Education...

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On Sunday, February 12, HIAS will host a massive Jewish Rally for Refugees in New York City. The action will take place in Battery Park, and at least 1,700 people are expected to attend. The New York rally is part of a National Day of Action for Refugees on February 12, with partner actions happening around the country on the same day.

The National Day of Action for Refugees is a coordinated national response to...

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In this moment of transition, we will celebrate a different kind of new beginning: Tu BiSh’vat, the new year for trees. Tu BiSh’vat is an opportunity to celebrate the earth and to recommit ourselves, for another year, to environmental action.

As humans continue to burn fossil fuels for heat and energy, clear forests, fertilize crops, store waste in landfills, raise livestock, and produce and ship industrial products, our earth changes in irrevocable ways. We are seeing a rise in global average temperatures, an increase in sea level rise, floods, droughts, famine, and disease....

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Children at Davis Academy spelling out Rise Up

In 2009, during my first year as a rabbi, I wrote a song called “Rise Up.”  I wrote it as a celebration of the teachings of the Biblical Prophet Amos, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Theodor Herzl. At the time I had no idea that the phrase, “Rise Up” would soon become the official motto of the Atlanta Falcons, my new hometown football team.

In 2013, The Alfred & Adele Davis Academy, where I have served the first decade of my rabbinate as The Director of Jewish and Hebrew Studies, helped me to professionally produce the song which we released on our 1st album of original music...

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