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Gun Violence Prevention

Read the latest updates and learn more about gun violence prevention through a Reform Jewish perspective.

Gun Violence Prevention

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Gun Violence Prevention

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Gun Violence Prevention

At the Consultation: Sunday Programming Begins; A Celebration of Rabbi Saperstein’s RAC Tenure
Posted on Sunday April 26, 2015

Today, at the opening day of the Consultation on Conscience, we opened our programming with a short plenary followed by two rich and engaging workshop blocks. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the importance of national paid sick days legislation from Vicki Shabo of the National Partnership for Women and Families; to learn about […]

At the Consultation: Opportunities to Take Action against Gun Violence
Posted on Tuesday April 21, 2015

When the Senate failed to pass bipartisan legislation that would have expanded background checks to almost all gun sales in April 2013, many in the gun violence prevention community were disappointed that this important reform was not achieved. This loss was especially more painful as the call for this legislation came in the wake of […]

Should Concealed Carry Permits Be Like Driver’s Licenses?
Posted on Monday April 20, 2015

In April 2013, the Senate famously rejected an amendment to the Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013 to expand background checks to most gun sales (often known as the Manchin-Toomey amendment), in large part due to concerns about a “national gun registry” and infringement on states’ laws. States’ rights remain a central feature of […]

The Modern Plagues of Inequality
Posted on Thursday April 02, 2015

On Passover, we remember the ten plagues that were put upon the Egyptian people. Thousands of years later, modern-day plagues of inequality should ignite contemporary responses to combat these injustices. Many of the most vulnerable members of our society are disproportionately affected; they cannot be “passed over” or ignored, especially during this important holiday. As […]

The RAC's downloadable Community Gun Violence Prevention Resource Guide includes text studies and educational materials to introduce a discussion on policy, moral values, and gun violence to your congregation or community. 

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