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Gun Violence Prevention

Read the latest updates and learn more about gun violence prevention through a Reform Jewish perspective.

Gun Violence Prevention

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Gun Violence Prevention

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Gun Violence Prevention

L’Taken Participant Reflects on Losses Due to Gun Violence
Posted on Tuesday December 30, 2014

At the last L’Taken seminar, Connecticut students spoke to staff from the offices of Senator Chris Murphy, Senator Richard Blumenthal and Representative Jim Himes to share why gun violence prevention is important to them as Jews, as Americans, and as young people. Lee Winters, who came to L’Taken along with his confirmation class at Temple B’nai […]

New Survey Highlights Challenges and Opportunities for Gun Violence Prevention Legislation
Posted on Monday December 22, 2014

Earlier in December, the Pew Research Center came out with a new poll on Americans’ attitudes on guns. The survey, Pew’s first on the issue since January 2013, showed an overall gain in support for “gun rights” over “gun control” over the past two years. Some of the main takeaways are below: 52% say it’s […]

Remembering Newtown, Two Years and Too Many More Losses Due to Gun Violence
Posted on Wednesday December 17, 2014

When I think back to December 14, 2012, I remember that it should have been a celebratory day for me. I had my two last final exams for the semester—logic and operations management—and quickly said goodbye to my friends as I drove from college back home. It had been a busy semester, and an even […]

Mental Health Continues to be a Priority Two Years After Sandy Hook
Posted on Tuesday December 16, 2014

Sunday  marked the two-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, where a gunman murdered twenty children and six educators at Sandy Hook elementary school. Leading up to the two-year anniversary, agencies were working to set up a support system for the next 12 to 15 years for people impacted by the shooting, with mental health officials […]

The RAC's downloadable Community Gun Violence Prevention Resource Guide includes text studies and educational materials to introduce a discussion on policy, moral values, and gun violence to your congregation or community. 

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