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Read the latest updates and learn more about the importance of educating others about global and domestic HIV/AIDS issues through a Jewish perspective.


Observing World AIDS Day

Every year on December 1, people around the world recognize World AIDS Day, an opportunity to think about those who have lost their lives to AIDS, the progress made, and the struggle ahead. These resources can help you observe World AIDS Day during a Shabbat service.

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: HIV/AIDS

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: HIV/AIDS

In the Shadows of Stigma: National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Posted on Wednesday September 25, 2013

This Friday is National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. As education and funding has improved in the U.S. over the past decade, HIV/AIDS (an immune deficiency) is now thought of by so many as a disease primarily affecting people in Sub-Saharan Africa, but we often overlook the cases of HIV/AIDS that still exist in the […]

Change from the Ground Up
Posted on Tuesday February 12, 2013

Rambam, the great Jewish thinker, teaches us “to visit the non-Jewish sick and to bury the non-Jewish dead along with the Jewish dead, and support the non-Jewish poor along with the Jewish poor for the sake of peace. As it says, “G-d is good to all and G-d’s mercies extend over all G-d’s works” (Psalms […]

Protect Foreign Affairs from Falling Off the Fiscal Cliff
Posted on Thursday December 27, 2012

We all know the talking points by now. Our 24-hour news cycle has covered it constantly – Congress and the Administration are at an impasse over the so-called fiscal cliff. The expiring Bush tax cuts, reaching the debt ceiling, the looming threat of sequestration, finalizing the fiscal year 2013 appropriations bills – these are all […]

Grappling with an Epidemic: The Power of Faith and Community
Posted on Friday November 30, 2012

When I look at the Torah portion for this week I see a story that holds deep reminders for us today.  It is the story of Jacob and how he wrestled with something otherworldly in his journey.  Perhaps it is an angel, perhaps it is a powerful “man,” perhaps allegorically it is Jacob’s own past.  […]

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