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Madonna's Hitler-McCain Analogy Deplorable

Madonna's Hitler-McCain Analogy Deplorable

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Washington, D.C. August 26, 2008 – In response to pop star Madonna’s recent on-stage video montage comparing Presidential nominee Sen. John McCain to Adolf Hitler, Mark Pelavin, Associate Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, issued the following statement:

“Of course, the task of artists such as Madonna is to provoke audiences. But even in that context, her offensive comparison of Senator John McCain to Adolf Hitler is beyond the pale. This deplorable, ill-conceived analogy consists of nothing short of a smear campaign that further divides an already politically polarized American public.


“Political ideologies and candidate preferences aside, it is beyond preposterous to suggest that Sen. John McCain’s political career has anything in common with the work of one of the most nefarious dictators in history, or that Sen. McCain’s presidential campaign bears any resemblance to the Holocaust, which claimed the lives of more than six million Jews and millions of other minorities.” 

Published: 08/26/2008