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Position of the Reform Movement on Bio-Ethics

The Union for Reform Judaism has a plethora of resolutions on the subject of bio-ethics. They include Compassionate and Comfort Care Decisions at the End of Life which addresses our society's need to provide adequate comfort care at the end of one's life. It further calls upon our congregations to develop connections with Jewish hospice programs in their communities, and to explore their creation where they do not exist. "Fetal Tissue Resolution," states that tissue obtained from either therapeutic or spontaneous abortions may be used for purposes of life-saving or life-enhancing research and treatment. In addition, in 1997, Breast Cancer, Genetic Testing and Health Insurance Discrimination was passed, which affirms the right of all individuals to comprehensive health coverage regardless of their genetic makeup. In addition to written policy, the URJ's subcommittee on bio-ethics is a great resource for questions and publications.