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Kovler Black-Jewish Relations Grant Program: Guidelines

The Kovler Microgrant Program was established to promote quality programming and activities that enhance Black-Jewish relations. All submissions must adhere to the following guidelines and will be evaluated biannually by an advisory committee.

Max. award: $1000

The Kovler Microgrant program provides funds for program expenses for Reform congregations and for Black churches and organizations working with a Reform congregation to enrich the relationships between African Americans and Jews. The program supports activities and actions aimed at developing links and common ground between African Americans and Jews, through educational and programmatic activities that bring members of both communities together to learn and grow or to serve the Black and Jewish communities, and/or to serve the broader public.

Amount of Award
Kovler Microgrants are limited to a maximum of $1000 per year. Any exceptions require a compelling rationale and promise of significant benefits in relation to total costs.

Twice Yearly Review Cycle
Applications will be reviewed twice yearly, once in the spring and once in the autumn. A review committee will make a recommendation to the Director of the Religious Action Center. Proposals received after the half-yearly meeting will be considered during the next application review meeting.

General Review Criteria

1. What is the potential of the proposed activity for enhancing broader Black-Jewish ties?

2. Is the proposed activity directly related to the needs of the Black and Jewish communities or to the broader communities of which they are a part?

3. Does the proposed activity represent an efficient use of funds?

4. To what extent does the applicant's community support the proposed activity, e.g., with a financial contribution, expressions of support by community leaders or a clear assurance of participation of members of the Black and Jewish communities. 

Applicants are encouraged to discuss draft proposals with any Kovler Microgrant committee member prior to submitting an application. Please contact Isaac Nuell to get started. 

Proposal & Application Format 
Keep in mind that your proposal will be read by people who may not be familiar with terms commonly used in your community or area of programming. A full, clear explanation is important. Include the following items:

1. A 1-2 page description of the specific planned activities (goals, timelines, participants age, number of participants).
2. Specific statements of how the proposed activity will contribute to one or more of the criteria mentioned above.
3. An itemized budget
4. Contact Information for Community/Congregation and Primary Contact.
5. Two to four letters of support/recommendation from a community leader. (E.g., heads of synagogues, churches, community based organizations, student groups, and/or other prominent community figures.)

Reporting Procedures
Upon accepting a Kovler Microgrant award, each recipient agrees to submit to the Center a brief written report (1-3 pp.) indicating the accomplishments of the project, its strengths and weaknesses, and any plan for follow-up within 30 days after the funded activity if a single program, or after ½ of the term of an ongoing program and then again upon its conclusion.

The report should consider the main benefits of the experience, including how the activity affected specific individuals, communities, institutions and/or how the activity met specific needs. If the activity had shortcomings or failed to measure up to your expectations, feel free to comment candidly about plans to address such weaknesses and other suggestions for going forward, so that others may learn from your experiences.