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Travel Justly Microgrants

Travel, attending conferences, hosting events - all of these typical congregational events have carbon-intensive impacts on the environment.  Grants from the Travel Justly fund can help expand your congregation's work on environmental sustainability or food justice to offset the impact of these activities. 

Travel Justly - Funds to Green the Reform Movement

Apply for a Grant

Applications for 2015 grants are currently closed. Contact Isaac Nuell, Manger of Congregational Social Action, to learn about the next round of applications.

Donate to the Travel Justly Fund

Your tax-deductible contribution will help fund green, clean congregational practices that offset the major environmental impact of travel.

Labor-Friendly Travel

"You must not oppress your neighbor." (Leviticus 19:13)

Each time we travel, we interact with myriad people and communities, seen & unseen. Countless livelihoods rely on these interactions.

We can take steps to ensure that our travels have a positive impact on all people, including hotel and transportation workers. Learn more about the Reform Movement's commitment to fair and just labor laws in our 2005 Resolution on Workers' Rights in the United States

Past Travel Justly Projects

Greene Family Camp Garden
The URJ's Greene Family Camp, located in Bruceville, TX, has built a garden and eco-campus (much like Kibbutz Lotan's) which are used for sustainability education at camp each summer. In 2012, Travel Justly funded the purchase and installation of a drop irrigation system for the garden, helping to prevent water waste in the hot Texas climate. 

Kibbutz Lotan Solar Farm
Kibbutz Lotan, a Progressive Jewish Kibbutz located in Israel's Arava Valley, has built an eco-campus that is powered entirely by solar panels located on the Kibbutz grounds. The URJ's Travel Justly fund has helped purchase several solar panels for their "farm" and continues to support development of their campus. 

Wewoka Biogas Project
The Reform Movement's first allocation from our Travel Justly fund was put towards Native Energy's Wewoka, Oklahoma, Biogas Project. Each year, millions of tons of gas are released from decomposing materials in landfills. By capturing these gasses from a nearby trash site, a brick manufacturer in Wewoka, OK, is able to fire their kilns in an environmentally responsible way. 


For more information on this program, contact Isaac Nuell, the RAC's Manager of Congregational Social Action, at (202) 387-2800.