A Victory for Climate Justice!

February 7, 2024Jacob Kraus-Preminger

Many times at our Movement's climate justice gatherings over the past year, we have read or sung the words from Psalm 150: "Kol han'shamah t'halleil Yah! Let all who breathe praise God!" This always reminded us of the moral and spiritual imperative to have the freedom to breathe clean air. Today, thanks to your efforts, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency took a stand for the freedom to breathe, announcing strong final rules limiting soot pollution.

Faced with pressure to delay and weaken standards, the White House and EPA took a bold step to protect communities across the country from this harmful pollutant, which comes from burning fossil fuels and is one of the leading causes of climate change. Reducing soot pollution will advance climate justice and public health: this standard could save 4,500 lives and avoid 5,700 cases of asthma in children. Strengthening soot standards is essential to building a future free from the worst threats of climate change, and we are glad President Biden and Administrator Regan have taken another step towards cutting climate pollution in half by 2030.

So many of you across the Reform Movement played a role in securing this victory. Nearly 3,000 people participated in the Power for Purpose Campaign. We took our demand to cut climate pollution directly to the White House and EPA, bringing hundreds together for face-to-face meetings and over 2,200 to send written messages. All of this contributed to a coalition-wide effort with Climate Action Campaign, which generated over one million public comments on climate regulations.

If you are among the thousands who submitted comments, you can see your words among all of those who submitted comments on Regulations.gov: click here to see your comments on the soot, mercury, and carbon rules.

You can search for your name or any of the language you shared to try and find your comment. It is incredible to see so many people sending messages as Reform Jews in support of strong climate regulations.

When we act together to demand change from our government, we help build a democracy that reflects our needs, interests, and values. We will continue to build power to ensure that all have the freedom to participate in decisions that impact their lives, whether those decisions are about climate change, reproductive healthcare, racial justice, and more. Our upcoming Every Voice, Every Vote Campaign brings this work back to the ballot box, as we will act together to ensure that all can participate in the 2024 elections.

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