Fain Awards: Application Checklist

Before submitting a 2019 Fain Social Justice Award application online, we recommend that you prepare the information on this checklist and have it easily available to “cut-and-paste” into your application. Once this information has been compiled, you can fill out the online application here. Please note that once you begin the online application, you will not be able to save an incomplete submission and return to complete it at a later time. Please direct any questions to Liz Mitlak or (202) 387-2800.

Download a printable checklist here.


  • Congregation name, website, address

  • Has your congregation won a Fain Award in the past?
    Please note: If your congregation won a Fain Award in 2017, you are not eligible to apply for a 2019 Fain Award. If your congregation received an Honorable Mention in previous years, you are eligible to apply. All others Reform congregations are eligible.

  • Primary Contact for Application: Name, Role in Congregation (Social Action Chair, Lay Leader, Rabbi, etc.), Email Address, Phone Number

  • Clergy Contact: Name, Email



  • Program Title

  • What was the issue area of focus for this program? E.g. economic justice, civil rights, climate change, etc.

  • What were the specific goals of the program? (150 words or less)

  • What was the intended impact of this program? E.g. work with local school district to implement policies protecting transgender students; educate the congregation about white privilege, etc.

  • How did you measure success in reaching your goals?

  • What proportion (approximately) of the congregation was involved in this program? How diverse was participation in terms of different demographics of the congregation? i.e. teens, young families, social justice leaders, young adults, board members, sisterhood/brotherhood representatives, etc.

  • What role did clergy, other professional staff and/or lay leadership play in developing and implementing this program?

  • Program budget (approximate)

  • Were there any financial expenditures? Did they come from the synagogue's budget or separate funding?



  • Describe the planning, implementation and evaluation phases of your program

  • Did you experience any challenges within your congregation in carrying out this project? If so, how did you address those challenges?

  • Describe the ways in which congregants engaged in this program.

  • Did this program involve any partnerships with other groups outside the congregation? If so, describe the nature of those relationships and the impact of this work on those relationships.



  • Attachments: We strongly encourage congregations to include attachments. These additional components help us to better understand and assess your program and enhance your application. Please attach any/all of the following:

    • Photos (Each application MUST include at least one digital photo)

  • Additional Information: Please share any additional information that will help us better understand your program.

QUESTIONS? Contact Sophie Raim, Leadership Development Associate.