Interfaith Rally in Dallas featuring Rabbi David Stern

Rabbi David Stern at Temple Emanu-El of Dallas was one of a number of participants who called for unity and healing at a rally in downtown Dallas, not far from the scene of a brutal ambush and killing of five police officers on Thursday night. 

He invoked the timeless verse of Jeremiah 29:7:  “Seek the peace of your city, and pray for her to God. For in your city’s peace, shall you find peace.”

“We will say our amens and we will make our resolutions. But there is no peace in the city unless we help make peace in this city. There are no voices of comfort other than voices raised for justice and understanding and compassion. The heart of the city is at the heart of all who are gathered here. May our speech and our silence be for blessing. May our speech and our silence be for comfort. May our speech and our silence be for passion and for peace.” 

Watch the full video of Rabbi Stern's remarks here.