Reclaim Our Vote: Guidelines for Postcard Writers

The Reform Movement has partnered with the Center for Common Ground’s Reclaim Our Vote Campaign to contact low-propensity voters of color to help them register and vote.

First, order a postcard kit. Each postcard kit contains instructions, a script, labels for the script (registrar contact information or pledge to vote), voter addresses, and 30 postcards. You will need to provide the stamps.

  • The Reclaim Our Vote postcards use strong, uplifting voting rights images and messaging.
  • These cards are inclusive, nonpartisan, and approved by the Reclaim Our Vote team. When decorating cards, imagery should be appropriate to the serious message, carefully avoiding images historically associated with voter intimidation More on this in the introductory video.
  • You will be provided with pre-printed labels with county registrar information or pledge to vote information, that should be placed in the center of the postcard, this will help shorten writing time and guarantee accuracy and legibility of key info.
  • You will receive a script for your postcards. Do not change, embellish or combine the script! The wording has been approved by the State Board of Elections and/or co-written with a respected partner organization for those voters.
  • Every voter on your list receives (and deserves) a card, even if they have the same last name and voting address. Do not exclude any voters: we practice inclusion.
  • Please email or text (240-621-2843) a photo of your first completed card to check over before continuing. If you are part of a postcard collective - your local coordinator can also check this first card.
  • Always hand write neatly and legibly, checking for errors. Underline or highlight key phrases in color or vary colors. This way, our cards stand out from impersonal mail. See the example above.
  • Leave a 1-inch space under voter's address for the Post Office to affix their bar code label. Please avoid decorative stickers, as they can jam the postal scanners.
  • Etiquette and formality when addressing voters can vary by state, region, and age. Please carefully follow the wording in your script for the list you are given.
  • Sign your first name or initials at the end. Add “volunteer” if not stated elsewhere.
  • Voter data is sensitive. Shred voter lists when done. Cover names and addresses before taking photos. Never share voters' personal info via photos or group shots.
  • In the absence of postcard party hosts, reread or have a housemate proofread before mailing. Cards should be mailed within 2 weeks if no stated deadlines.
  • Feel free to ask questions email or 202-387-2800.
  • Learn more and get involved in the Civic Engagement Campaign  

Thank you for helping democracy and voting rights through postcarding with the Religious Action Center and Reclaim Our Vote!