High Holidays

An Al Cheit for this Moment in Time

Rabbi Susan Talve
August 10, 2020
I’m praying that these weeks of consolation before the High Holidays will give us the time to confront our sins and respond in ways that will help us to heal from our brokenness and find the courage and resolve to build a better year for all.

Year of Tzedek

Congregation creates a year of programs and opportunities to reflect on and perform tzedakah. Community Contact Information: Mt. Zion Temple St. Paul, MN www.mzion.org Goals: Support and sustain congregational involvement in social justice issues. Support local charitable organizations.

Year Long Commitment to Tikkun Olam

Social Action calendar was created to allow congregants to choose activities that fit in their schedule. Community Contact Information: Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation Indianapolis, IN www.ihcindy.org Goals: Make social action a flexible “one stop shopping” for the congregants.