Strengthening Congregations

Clergy & Congregations

Congregations are at the forefront of the Reform Movement's social action work, from direct service to local advocacy. With the help of our clergy and congregations, the work of the Religious Action Center has been able to grow and make a positive impact in communities around North America.

Evolution of a Social Action Congregation

A congregation's commitment to Social Action initiated two comprehensive projects. The first was an annual three-day trip for underprivileged students which takes place at URJ Greene Family Camp. The second project, which was done as a fund-raising effort, the committee began offering intra-congregational shalach manot baskets, thereby performing the mitzvah...

Fain Awards: FAQs

Who is eligible to win a Fain Award? Any congregation that is a member in good standing of the Union for Reform Judaism. Who was Irving J. Fain? Irving J. Fain, who passed away in 1970, was a passionate proponent of social justice and of the Reform Movement's active commitment...