Every Voice, Every Vote

The Reform Movement’s Georgia Senate Civic Engagement Campaign

Every Voice, Every Vote is the Reform Jewish Movement’s 2020 civic engagement campaign, a nonpartisan effort to strengthen our democracy by encouraging everyone to participate in U.S. elections. As Reform Jews, we believe democracy is strongest when everyone participates – and it suffers when citizens are shut out from the democratic process. 

Voting is how we determine our future. It is how we fulfill the Talmudic teaching that a ruler is not to be appointed unless the community is first consulted. It is our prayer. It is our voice.

In the state of Georgia, a candidate for the U.S. Senate must receive more than 50 percent of the vote to win – but on November 3rd, no candidate for either of the two open Senate seats reached that threshold. As a result, Georgia is having a run-off election on January 5, 2021, for both of its U.S. Senate seats. Our work on this election is an extension of the Reform Movement’s broader 2020 civic engagement campaign.

1. Stay updated.

Subscribe to updates about opportunities to participate in our Georgia-focused civic engagement work, including phone-banking and sending postcards to low-propensity voters of Color.

2. Contact Georgia voters.

Join us for one or both of our action nights of phone banking with partner organization Reclaim Our Vote, to contact low propensity voters of Color in Georgia. Register for Monday, December 14, from 6–8 pm ET and/or register for Monday, December 21, from 6–8 pm ET. These evenings are co-sponsored by Women of Reform Judaism and the National Council of Jewish Women.

3. Send postcards to Georgia voters.

We have partnered with Reclaim Our Vote and the New Georgia Project to send postcards to voters in Georgia. Use the Reclaim Our Vote Postcard Guide to participate.

4. Teen opportunity: Join in outreach to fellow teens and young adults.

Jewish teens are invited to write nonpartisan letters to Jewish teens and young adults to help get out the vote for the Georgia Senate runoff election. Register to receive our nonpartisan guide and materials to share about the importance of voting, Jewish values, and specific information to vote early or in person. You’ll receive a letter-writing kit that provides a guide, script, envelopes, stamps, and paper.

5. Support teens’ letter-writing work.

When teens request letter-writing materials, they are invited to make a donation to help cover the costs of this work. For some, this suggested donation is a barrier for participation, which is why it is optional.

If you have the capacity to contribute, please give what you can to support the work of this project and the Reform Movement's Civic Engagement Campaign.

6. Explore the Jewish value of voting.

Our nonpartisan civic engagement campaign ensures that Reform Jewish values are present in the public square during this urgent time in our nation’s history. Use this text study to explore how the process for selecting leaders for the community has changed over time.

And finally: Tell us about your work! We want to celebrate your community’s efforts and make sure they’re counted as part of the campaign, so let us know about your civic engagement work.