The California Religious Action Center (RAC-CA) brings together the Reform Jewish congregations and communities of California to organize powerfully across lines of race, class, and faith.

Current Campaign

In partnership with Dayenu, RAC-CA is campaigning on the referendum to keep SB1137, which protects residential neighborhoods from oil & gas wells and oil drills. California voters will decide whether to keep SB 1137 or overturn the law when they vote in the November 2024 election. We will be campaigning to KEEP THE LAW and ensure California neighborhoods are free from neighborhood drilling.

The 2024 RAC-CA Campaign on Neighborhood Drilling Referendum 

In 2022, RAC-CA and Dayenu successfully rallied as part of a coalition to secure the passage of SB 1137, which prohibits new oil and gas wells as well as reinforces safety standards for existing oil wells within 3,200 ft of homes, schools, hospitals, and other sensitive locations. The oil and gas industry wants to use its immense wealth and power to overturn this law and protect its profits. Through deceptive practices, $20 million, and an army of paid signature gatherers, the oil and gas industry put a challenge to this law on the November ballot. They will continue to use their wealth to spread falsehoods, attempting to convince voters to overturn the law. Time and time again, the oil and gas industry has shown that it prioritizes its profits over public health, our neighborhoods, and our referendum process.

This year, RAC-CA and Dayenu will work alongside Dayenu and other coalition partners to educate voters about this referendum. Polling shows that Californians overwhelmingly oppose drilling in residential neighborhoods. But, the oil and has industry has already started efforts to misinform and confuse voters about the referendum’s impact. By mobilizing our congregations, we will work tirelessly to inoculate voters against industry misinformation and ensure that they vote to keep the law and protect neighborhoods from future neighborhood drilling.

Here is what you can do to join this campaign to protect residential neighborhoods from oil wells.

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Our Past Work

RAC-CA has worked in coalition across lines of race, class, and Fath to help pass many pass many new laws. Here are some of our victories, where RAC-CA worked in coalition to helped pass:

  • AB 421 in 2023 reforming the CA veto referendum process to make it more transparent
  • SB 62 the Garment Workers Protection Act in 2021 to ensure retailers pay minimum wage and create safe working conditions for garment workers who are primarily immigrant women.
  • AB 133 in 2021 expanding Medi-Cal eligibility regardless of immigration status for Californians. Today, immigrants of all ages who meet the income requirements are eligible for Medi-Cal.
  • A budget measure in 2019 that tripled funding for local gun violence prevention programs in California communities most affected by gun violence.
  • SB-100 The 100% Clean Energy Act in 2018 mandated clean and carbon-free energy in California by 2045.
  • Proposition 1 Affordable and Veterans' Housing Bond in 2018 authorized $4 billion for affordable housing.
  • Proposition 57 in 2016 provided incentives for rehabilitation, created a path to early parole for nonviolent offenders and decreased the number of minor offenders charged as adults.
  • AB-953 in 2015 tracks racial profiling by law enforcement.
  • AB-4 The Trust Act in 2013 and SB-54 The California Values Act in 2017, which protected undocumented immigrants by limiting law enforcement and prison cooperation with federal deportation authorities.

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