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Violence Against Women

Read the latest updates and learn more about our work to end violence against women through a Reform Jewish perspective.

Violence Against Women

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Violence Against Women

Fresh Updates from RACBlog: Violence Against Women

A New Year’s Resolution to Ensure Safety for Survivors of Abuse
Posted on Wednesday January 07, 2015

During my senior year of college, I worked as a courtroom advocate at the St. Louis County Domestic Violence Court, a division of the court system that deals exclusively with orders of protection in cases of domestic violence. I worked with petitioners – survivors of domestic abuse filing for an order – to assist their […]

Hanukkah Miracles and Mitzvot for Children
Posted on Monday December 15, 2014

This post originally appeared on the WRJ Blog. At the moment of rededication, the Maccabees relit the ner tamid, the eternal flame in the Temple. The ner tamid symbolizes God’s constant presence with the entire Jewish people. Because it is perpetually lit, the ner tamid also signifies a hope that God’s presence will continue to […]

What Do Jacob the Patriarch and Senator Klobuchar Have in Common?
Posted on Thursday December 04, 2014

This week, we read my favorite portion in Genesis, Parashat Vayishlach (“he sent”). Among the other stories in Vayishlach, we read about the brothers Jacob and Esau’s first meeting since Jacob stole his brother’s birthright and fled in Parashat Toldot. Jacob sends messengers to Esau and discovers that Esau is coming, along with four hundred […]

I-VAWA? WE-VAWA: We All Must Do Our Part to End Violence Against Women and Girls
Posted on Thursday November 20, 2014

One out of three women worldwide will be physically, sexually, or otherwise abused during her lifetime. In some countries, it’s as many as seven in ten. Violence against women is a human rights violation that devastates lives, fractures communities and prevents women from fully contributing to the economic development of their countries. Take a minute […]

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