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Starting this summer, the Reform Movement will be taking action around the United States under the banner of Nitzavim: Standing Up for Voter Protection and Participation. This initiative, a part of our Movement’s racial justice campaign, will focus on ensuring that people of color are valued at the ballot box this year, rather than pushed aside by efforts to curtail voting rights. As we prepare to launch this initiative on August 18, we would like to tell...

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Earlier this month, voting rights advocates won two important, if partial, victories in court cases challenging the constitutionality of voter ID laws in Wisconsin and Texas.

In Wisconsin, a district judge issued a preliminary injunction requiring the state to allow citizens who were unable to attain a valid form of photo identification to sign an affidavit to that effect and then cast their ballots. In the decision, the judge argued that “...

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This is an excerpt from a sermon delivered on July 15, 2016. Read the full sermon here.

A few weeks ago, in Parashat Chukat, we find the Israelites in the desert doing what they do best — complaining. This time, they don't have water. So they bring their grievance to Moses. “Why did you bring us out into this desert to die! We wish we'd never left Egypt!”

One can maybe forgive, or at least understand, Moses’s overreaction. He's fed up. So in anger he strikes the rock to make the...

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Across the world, pride parades are often more than a celebration of the LGBT community; they can be acts of solidarity in the face of discrimination and fear. This was especially true in Jerusalem last week, when 25,000 people marched through the streets of the city to affirm the humanity of LGBT Israelis.

This year’s parade took place after a number of setbacks had threatened the parade’s success....

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“Having no flag to march behind, having no national anthem to be played, these refugee athletes will be welcomed to the Olympic games” (Thomas Bach, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President).

For the first time ever, the Olympics will host the Refugee Olympic Team, made up of 10 refugee athletes who have no national team. The decision by the International Olympic...

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