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Late last week, over 100 Reform Jews and advocates for social justice gathered in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina to launch Nitzavim: Standing Up for Voter Protection and Participation. People traveled from near and far to a state that had passed a voter suppression law that targeted black voters with “almost surgical precision” to make a clear statement in support of...

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Last month, the Obama administration announced new measures to combat discrimination on the basis of religion and to ensure protections for religious freedom.

The impetus for these new measures came from the Know Your Neighbor coalition, of which the Religious Action Center is part, whose work was celebrated at the White House last year. Know Your Neighbor’s goal...

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Commissioners on the Board of Elections in Guilford Country, NC proposed to cut by nearly half the number of early voting sites, including many inside Greensboro and one that primarily serves African- Americans; to completely eliminate Sunday voting, which is used primarily by low-income communities and communities of color, many of whom have difficulty getting time off from work to vote on the regular day; and to cut out the popular sites at UNC-Greensboro and NC A&T in order that fewer students will vote.

These problematic changes to the voting rules was met by some 400...

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“Equal Justice Under Law”

This phrase, carved into the façade of the Supreme Court, is avalue towards which our justice system aspires, especially when it comes to criminal justice. For example, we know that Black males serve prison sentences 20% longer than white males who commit nearly the same crimes. Even in cases in which they have similar criminal histories,...

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Last week, the State Department issued its annual report on International Religious Freedom. The report tracks religious freedom – for religious majorities, minorities and non-believers – in 199 countries.

This year, the report highlighted blasphemy and apostasy laws, laws which put government officials in the role of determining what is or is not “correct” or “right” religious beliefs or behavior.


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